The Using Range and Storage of Natural Rubber Sheet

Widely used in substation, power plants, substations, laboratory and field charged homework.
It should be stored in dry and ventilated environment, away from heat source, more than 20 cm off the ground and wall. Avoid by acid and alkali and oil pollution, do not open to prevent avoid direct sunlight.
Natural rubber sheet thickness: in the entire history of the natural rubber sheet should be randomly selected five or more different points for thickness measurement and inspection. Can use micrometer heart or the same precision measuring instruments. Accuracy should be within 0.02 mm micrometer, measure the diameter of the drill is 6 mm, flat the diameter of the presser foot was (3.17 + 0.25) mm, presser foot should be able to exert pressure (0.83 + 0.03) N. Insulation pads should be placed flat, so that the micrometer to measure between is smooth.

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