Checker Pattern Rubber Flooring

Product description

The Checker Pattern Rubber Flooring provides remarkable insulation and abrasion performance for long time use. This flooring is designed checkered plate as top surface that is easy cleaning. It provides excellent protection to the floor ground, so that it is best choice for entrance area in high traffic zones. This rubber flooring is suitable both for indoor and outdoor. The Checker Pattern Rubber Flooring can be applied in various areas by cutting out the right size.

Technical Parameter:

Checker Pattern Rubber Flooring
CodeThicknessSpecific GravityHardnessTensile StrengthElongation on BreakTear StrengthApplicationPolymer
MMGm/cm3Shore AMPA%Kg/cm2
106331.560+/-5325022General PurposeNR/SBR

Standard Dimension




Colorblack, red, yellow, blue, light grey, dark grey

☆ Width and length are available on customers' request.

☆ Color is available on customers' request.

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