Diamond Thread Pattern Rubber Flooring

Product description

With continuous diamond field design, the Diamond Thread Pattern Rubber Flooring is excellent for traction, easy cleaning, non-staining, non-discoloring. It is used for both indoor and outdoor purpose owing to its weather proof performance. Such Diamond design is an ideal choice for ramps, trailers, golf club bridge aprons, marine areas, building access points, wheeled vehicles, trolleys, etc. The Diamond Thread Pattern Rubber Flooring is made from high quality rubber, giving out resistance to tear and wear characteristics.

Technical Parameter:

Diamond Thread Pattern Rubber Flooring
CodeThicknessSpecific GravityHardnessTensile StrengthElongation on BreakTear StrengthApplicationPolymer
MMGm/cm3Shore AMPA%Kg/cm2
101531.560+/-5325022General PurposeNR/SBR

Standard Dimension




Colorblack, red, yellow, blue, light, grey, dark, grey

☆ Width and length are available on customers'request.

☆ Color is available on customers' request.

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