Fine Ribbed Rubber Flooring

Product description

The Fine Ribbed Rubber Flooring has an anti-slipping ribbed surface and fine cloth pattern bottom. It is suitable for floors, walkways, loading areas, work-benches and general-purpose areas, and it can be applied around aprons, in ramps and more other places. The Fine Ribbed Rubber Flooring can be installed directly on the floor by glue. Its raised rubber matting flutes acts as a scraper to strip dirt and debris from soles. The flooring is easy to clean by reverse rolling.

Technical Parameters:

Fine Ribbed Rubber Flooring
CodeThicknessSpecific GravityHardnessTensile StrengthElongation on BreakApplicationPolymer
MMGm/cm3Shore AMPA%
101331.565+/-53250General PurposeNR/SBR

Standard Dimension




Colorblack, red, yellow, blue, light grey, dark grey


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