Fine Ribbed Matting 65±5 sh.

Product description

qualityHardness specific gravity(g/cm3) tensile strength elongation at break(%)temperature rangeabrasion resistance tear resistancecompression set
NR/SBR65±5 Shore A 1.45±0.056250ˉ30℃~+70℃ 3002030
heat ageing70℃ hardness tensile strength elongation at break(%)

﹢5 max﹢20/-20﹢25/-25

resistance ozone resistance  oils resistanceconcentrated acids and bases dilute acids and bases solvents

 not recommended not recommended not recommended fair not recommended

1.All the colors available.
2.Cloth insertion、nylon insertion available.
3.Colth impression finish available.
4.Specification and dimention on the customer‵s request.
5.The test methods are correponding with ISO standard.
6.We can design the product formula according to all kinds of specification to satify our customers.

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