Skirt Board sheeting 65±5 sh.

Product description

Skirt Board Rubber sheets are very essential to improve conveyor belt performance. It is used to reduce belt slippage, improve tracking and extend life of belt, bearing and other components. With features like good resistant to abrasion, cut, wear skirt board rubber is designed to resist heavy impact at loading areas.

Skirt Board Rubber Sheets
FeaturesExcellent abrasion and weather resistance

Mounting pad, sealing strips, flapping, general construction and industrial usage where abrasion resistance is imperative.

Finish TypeBoth side smooth finish
Standard Thickness1/2 inch, 1/4 inch, 1 inch
Standard Length33FT, 50FT

Technical Specification:

CodeSpecific GravityHardness (+/- 5)Tensile StrengthElongationTemperature
G/cm3Shore AMpa%°C

1.5653250-25 to +70

1.4654250-25 to +70

1.3655250-25 to +70

1.All the colors available.                    
2.Cloth insertion、nylon insertion available.                    
3.Colth impression finish available.                    
4.Specification and dimention on the customer‵s request.                    
5.The test methods are correponding with ISO standard.                    
6.We can design the product formula according to all kinds of specification to satify our customers.

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