Ring Matting 70±5 sh.

Product description

qualityHardnessspecific gravity(g/cm3)tensile strengthtemperature range Colorelongation at break(%)dimension
NR/SBR70±5 Shore A 1.50 3ˉ30℃~+70℃ black200914mm*1524mm*12.7mm
NR/SBR70±5 Shore A 1.50 3ˉ30℃~+70℃ black200914mm*914mm*10mm
NR/SBR70±5 Shore A 1.50 3ˉ30℃~+70℃ black200914mm*914mm*16mm

1.All the colors available.
2.The rubber mat is no pollution to the environment. Lead-free, burning non-toxic.
3. Good skidproof,wear resistant and anti-fatigue.
4. Good elasticity and antiskid performance.

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