What is foam rubber

Foam rubber is a special type of rubber material,also known as sponge rubber,microcellular rubber,or foam rubber.This material is made from rubber as the base material and is manufactured through physical or chemical foaming methods,resulting in a sponge-like porous structure.
The base material of foam rubber contains a large number of tiny bubbles,which can be open-cell,closed-cell,or mixed-cell structures,giving the material different performance characteristics.Depending on the pore structure and density,foam rubber can be divided into low-density,medium-density,and high-density types.
Foam rubber has many advantages,such as low apparent density,light weight,good damping properties,thermal insulation,sound insulation,and excellent elasticity and softness.These features make foam rubber widely used in sealing,shock absorption,thermal insulation,sound insulation,dyeing,and other fields.In particular,it has been widely used in the aviation,automotive,instrument,meter,household appliance,and packaging industries.