What is neoprene rubber pad

Neoprene rubber pad is a sheet material made of neoprene rubber as the main material, which is made by mixing, plasticizing, and vulcanizing various processes. Neoprene rubber pad has the characteristics of being resistant to oil, heat, acid and alkali. It also has high tensile strength and elongation. The physical properties of neoprene rubber pad are stable and it has a wide range of applications.
The application range of neoprene rubber pad:
The application range of neoprene rubber pad is relatively wide, for example, it is used in various industries such as machinery, electricity, water heating, roads, bridges, aviation, architecture, sports venues, and water conservancy. Because neoprene rubber has the property of elastic deformation and shock absorption, it is often used to make neoprene rubber pad blocks, neoprene rubber waterproof strips, and neoprene rubber sealing rings.