What thickness of mat for sport is appropriate?

The thickness of an mat for sport should be chosen based on the specific sport and individual needs.
For sports such as yoga that require stable support and balance,the thickness of the mat is crucial.Beginners may be better off with a thicker mat to reduce the risk of injury,while professional practitioners may prefer a thinner mat to enhance their perception of the ground and improve stability in their movements.Generally speaking,the standard thickness of yoga mats ranges from 1.5mm to 8mm,but 6mm to 8mm is considered the most suitable for beginners.
For high-intensity sports such as jump rope,a thicker mat is more suitable to protect the knees,as it provides cushioning and shock absorption.A jump rope mat with a thickness of 8mm to 15mm is generally recommended,which can effectively reduce the impact noise with the ground while providing sufficient cushioning and shock absorption.
For sports that require long-distance running,jumping,etc.,a thinner mat may be more suitable as it provides better stability and flexibility.For elderly people,children,pregnant women,and other populations with relatively weak joints,a thicker mat can provide better protection.

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