What is the best material for sound deadening mat?

The effectiveness of sound deadening mat largely depends on their material.Some common materials used in sound deadening mat include:
1.Sound deadening rubber mat:They have good elasticity and sound-absorbing effect for high-frequency sounds,and also have antibacterial properties and thermal insulation.They distribute stress evenly under load,have stable performance,are resistant to corrosion,oil,organic solvents,radiation,and have a long service life.
2.Foam damping and sound-absorbing mat:They are lightweight and easy to install,and can effectively reduce impact force and noise.
3.Polyethylene damping and sound-absorbing mat:They have good flexibility,resistance to acid and alkali corrosion,and can maintain their strength and flexibility.
4.PVC damping and sound-absorbing mat:They have resistance to ultraviolet rays,wear resistance,and resistance to acid and alkali corrosion,and are often used in building decoration.They can effectively reduce noise and vibration.
5.Glass wool:It is economical and lightweight,easy to install and maintain,has good sound-absorbing effect,good fire resistance,but has fewer colors.
6.Polyester fiber wool:It is environmentally friendly and safe,has good sound-absorbing,fire resistance,mold resistance,and insect resistance,and also has good processing performance and is easy to decorate.
7.Activated carbon wool:It has adsorption properties and can effectively adsorb formaldehyde,benzene and other harmful gases,and also has good sound-absorbing effect,but is more expensive.
8.Polyurethane foam:It has good fire resistance and thermal insulation,is easy to install,but note that it may contain harmful substances.
When selecting the appropriate soundproofing mat material,consider the use environment,type of noise(high-frequency or low-frequency),budget,and ease of installation.

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